Saturday, 6 February 2016


Coming from a small town of Dehradun where everything goes at a pretty steady state, the other huge cities seem a lot too fast to handle. Just the other day I was going by an 'auto', (which is a three wheeler public transport in India),  and the kakophany of sounds starting from the screeching horns to the people talking at really high decibels. It just seems so busy!!!
I did end up wondering if I was the only one so calm and yet so disturbed at all the noise. The 45 minute long bumpy ride took me to Kukatpally, a town in Hyderabad. This long is how long it took to reach hotel ' One Place '. I checked in, had a nice hot shower and collapsed on the bed.  Before going off to sleep I remember reminiscing my childhood....the laughs...the running around...the school....the kiddish fights. My mind wanted to drift away from the fact that I was not at home.. I was wishing I were at home, on my bed, with my parents.
In this fast city, the days should also rush by. They should rush fast. As the yawns grow, sleep sets in pretty fast and before I knew I was dreaming of Dehradun!

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