Wednesday, 26 March 2014


Are you sure????

The other day during one of my classes, we had an alumni come over. We all assumed (at least I did) that for the next 50 minutes my eyes would be heavy with boredom and sleep. We all tend to have this never changing image of “irrelevance” when it comes to students, or alumni or even faculties from other departments who come over to take the class.

This class turned out to be different…………. and here is what it left me with after 50 minutes......

On most occasions we try to proclaim that we would want a particular career most probably because we either fancy that career or we are told that it pays well or simply because we are following family tradition. Never have we given a sincere thought to the best career that an individual can have that promises both a heavy wallet and a cheerful mind. Each of us has our own strengths that is, the things we are certain we are good at. please note the word 'certain'. Also, we have our list of passions that is, the things we like to do. Finally, we have a list of what we want to do. The part where this gets interesting is, when we realise that all these three lists point us to three different directions.

It is a common saying that it is dangerous to have both the feet in two boats. Well in this case, the way I see it, that is what is happening to us. In fact, we are all over the place when it comes to deciding a career for ourselves. The best solution that comes to mind is connecting our passions and strengths and coming with a career that can help us achieve this relation. This ensures a long term career with no regrets.

I agree it is difficult but if not a complete 100% why not at least come close to a 70%??

I made a list of my strengths and passions and realised that what I wanted to do wasn’t in synchrony with my strengths and passions. This also means that if I really want to achieve the goal, then, I will have to work more on my strengths, make the work my passion and align it to the goal that I want.

Besides that, it is also necessary to understand that every field holds great potential. But being the master in that particular field is whats more important.


I’m going to work on relating the three lists I had prepared for myself so that I don’t have to regret my decision on the career I choose and neither do I have to undergo the painful experience of ‘ hop-skip-jump’ into different other companies/institutions . In short the feeling of instability shouldn’t haunt me.

I have made my lists and I realise I have a lot of homework to do. What about you????

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