Saturday, 22 March 2014

Animation : Frozen

A Still taken from the Movie Frozen


Unlike most fairy tales which involve a prince’s kiss to break the spell, frozen is a movie that came in with a totally new perception to breaking the spell. The theme of the movie is primarily the love between 2 sisters. The younger one, Anna and the elder one, Elsa, who has been blessed with the power to conform ice. As small kids she would use her power to make ice and play with her sister but an un-intentional accident changed everything not only for her but for the entire kingdom. Years rolled by, and the princesses grew up. Sadly the king and queen met a tragic death on their voyage to a distant land. The crown had to be taken over by the elder princess. But as expected, things didn’t quite turn out the way it should have been. While Elsa goes off far into the northern mountains to stay away from her kingdom and prevent any further damage, Anna goes out in search for her, leaving the kingdom in the hands of a person she just met. A person by the name Hans. This guy was not just any guy, supposedly a prince, but sadly the 13th in line to the throne of the kingdom he came from.

Talk about plans, and this prince definitely had one. He took over the kingdom of Arendelle and was waiting for things to become worse between the sisters. So much for promises of true love made by him to Princess Anna, he didn’t even care when she was struck by the spell again.

An interesting character, the snowman Olaf, made by Elsa becomes a great friend and is of a great help. After all you can expect only so much from a snowman you make, but Olaf has certainly made the viewers imagine way beyond the perimeters of imagination. He has definitely given us a chance to the see the world through the eyes of a snowman.

The act of true love displayed by Anna to save Elsa is something you should see for yourself and for those of us who fantasise the traditional definition of true love, I think, we need to reframe that.

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