Thursday, 10 March 2016

Handling Spice!!

I'm not blaming the delicacies or the food preparation of the place. I blame my sensitive taste buds!! It can be really difficult for me to take in too much spice with food. The hostel mess that I take food from does exactly the opposite; it prepares the spiciest food possible. How I survived the last 5 months, I don’t know (as this happens to be my second semester in this university). On the other hand, I am quite assured that they have started putting in a lot more than usual.

On that note, I always imagined them to be throwing in sack full of red chilli powder and then another sack full of green chillies. Probably they cook it or they throw all these in raw. At this point of time, I don’t care and neither do I understand as due to the spices my brain is up in fumes, my digestive system is up in fumes........ I am in fumes.

Last night the boundaries of tolerance were crossed. I could barely swallow the food. Tears flowing down my cheeks and the fact that I can literally feel the spice down the food pipe made me keep the food aside in despair!!!

I rushed back to my room, washed my hands and rinsed off the remnants of the spice in my mouth and hurried to my room. I shopped up a musk melon that I had ordered online (buying groceries, fruits and vegetables can be so much fun and keep you at ease now) and I finished the whole thing in less than 10 minutes! The melon was like approximately 900 gms and i was shocked at how fast i finished it. I ate till I regained my calm again. I ate till I was at peace. I ate till I felt cool again. Only then did I realise that I would have to keep back up fruits or anything good enough like the awesome musk melon if I have to survive the hostel mess. I’m glad I have cornflakes and sandwiches for breakfast, which by the way I prepare myself!!

Can’t imagine anyone or anything spoiling the first meal of the day

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