Saturday, 6 February 2016

Too much oil!

This semester is pretty busy for me... we have classes on Saturdays as well. Well apparently a lot has to be done is few less a time , so just eat up the holidays. Slog!! Slog!! Slog!!. As an individual I honestly never preferred a weekend schedule. My definition of weekend is complete relaxation and rewinding. I would sleep well, finish up pending work, blog,  read a lot, listen and record some songs, etc. but this semester, I didn't do any thing at all. Sunday is spent at Church so very less time for myself.

Today I got back from the lab by 8:00 pm. It had been pretty hectic day for me and I was just exhausted. As per Indian tradition I decided that I would oil my hair and then shampoo my hair. Now, this is done by pouring the oil in your hands and gently applying it on the scalp and massaging the hair.

What did I do??? I defined the heights of laziness, I went ahead and poured the bottle directly on my head ( the bottle has a small hole so the oil drips gently and evenly spreads out). My idea-  As the oil comes out on my head onto the scalp I would be able to massage better and finish the entire process in a few minutes. I went on pouring, never once resting the bottle on the table. To my surprise, the oil bottle (which was 90 percent full) is now down to 35 percent. Where did all of it go???? I poured it all on my head.

My mistake- I didn't realize that I would shake the entire oil off the bottle and empty it on my hair. Now my hair is all oily and I think I would require half a bottle of shampoo to remove the oil off. I was so lazy that instead of going the long way I took the short way. I do agree with the saying that the shorter route is more difficult to travel but I think you have to be proportionally smarter to be able to travel when you decide to take a shorter route.

I for one am not going to do this again and even if it takes me half an hour to oil my hair, I would rather do it gently than make my hair go through a crash course on oil nourishment!!!!...


Coming from a small town of Dehradun where everything goes at a pretty steady state, the other huge cities seem a lot too fast to handle. Just the other day I was going by an 'auto', (which is a three wheeler public transport in India),  and the kakophany of sounds starting from the screeching horns to the people talking at really high decibels. It just seems so busy!!!
I did end up wondering if I was the only one so calm and yet so disturbed at all the noise. The 45 minute long bumpy ride took me to Kukatpally, a town in Hyderabad. This long is how long it took to reach hotel ' One Place '. I checked in, had a nice hot shower and collapsed on the bed.  Before going off to sleep I remember reminiscing my childhood....the laughs...the running around...the school....the kiddish fights. My mind wanted to drift away from the fact that I was not at home.. I was wishing I were at home, on my bed, with my parents.
In this fast city, the days should also rush by. They should rush fast. As the yawns grow, sleep sets in pretty fast and before I knew I was dreaming of Dehradun!

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

What am I doing nowadays?

So, although I have to admit that life as a student can be pretty busy..  Huh..  Don't ask me the details.  It's not just the studies, it's everything about being a student that can be bothering. It is not a task for the faint hearted. You need courage and the will power to get through it. The process can be daunting but the result is sweet. Especially during weekends, I for one don't want to be a student!
Anyway,  I think I have digressed from the main idea. Point is, despite all that I am going through....  I really feel like I should use every minute.  It is something that has recently come over me, I guess. This all starts with my best friend telling me to use my time well and be efficient,  that is to use my holidays well. It might not be something that is common for you but I usually sleep during the weekends and try to rewind myself. Now what do I do? Other than blogging I have started reading more and learning new stuff.  For example,  I'm currently learning how to read sheet music 😎😎😎😎😎😎
For those readers who are not in India and are not aware, reading sheet music is not part of Indian classical or Hindustani music.   Therefore it has always been my desire to learn how to read sheet music.
That a few other courses is what occupy me during the weekends. I shall detail more in the following blogs. But nevertheless, I realise, it's not bad to be a student even during the weekends.
Way to go 👍👍👍