Thursday, 3 April 2014


A still from the animation movie "How to train your Dragon"
How to train your dragon…………. of under-estimation!

The animation movie “How to train your Dragon” has a lot to tell than what we see on our screens.  Apart from the fact that a Viking teenager, Hiccup, changes the thinking of the entire community on dragons, that is from ‘killable’ to ‘petable’ I think we have a lot of other issues to take home than just that.

Most of the time, maybe for some of us many times a day, we find our weaknesses overpowering us. The fact that we are different from others, haunts us. We’d rather flow with the crowd than do something new. I know that feeling. Flowing with the crowd would give you a feeling of satisfaction but ask yourself, does it make you feel unique?

Hiccup, the protagonist of this movie didn’t stop believing in himself and went on to experiment and nurture something that he knew in his heart was true. He was considered a weakling in the tribe. We see that he never believed it for once in heart.

Do we do that? On the other hand, at the first sign of criticism we surrender our weapons and run from the battlefield.

 It is more important to win the war than the battles. I think it is perfectly right. Hiccup got defeated in several battles. Be it the battle where he had to convince his father, or the everyday battles where he was mocked by the villagers and was  practically a ‘given up son’ of the father, or the fact that his many attempts to build a prosthetic functioning half-tail for Toothless the dragon would land him in the lake, fields and would even lead him to fatal falls from dangerous heights. But not once did he give up. He learned every time he fell.

I must appreciate those of us who are like the character Hiccup. Never leaving the battlefield and constantly training themselves for the war field, and these are the ones who go on to become great and strong in their life. These are the ones who become role models for others. These are the change makers.

At the same time, we are not too far from being a change maker ourselves. We need to start by following certain simple rules

1.     Do away with under-estimation:
Under-estimation is the strongest quicksand one can have. It never lets you be satisfied and joyful in yourself. Eliminating this major drawback would keep you cheerful and increase your efficiency. Why do we love our animation characters so much? Not because they are cute or beautiful but mostly because in their own little world, they made a lot happen, and what happened was phenomenal.

2.     Over come your fears
Each one of us has certain fears. It is necessary to overcome fears and to be able to do that means being ready to face fear itself. Always know that you are never alone. The people who care for us have our back always. Even if you trip and fall you will be lifted up again.

3.     Understand that you are not alone
It is very essential to know that you are cared for by many. It could be your family, your friends or your relatives. Besides, there are people who share the same fear as you do. Most of the times meeting people who have the same fear is a big relief! Trust me when I say that! It also gives you an assurance that you can get through it. Sometimes you might find yourself in a position way better than others.

4.     Discover the uniqueness in you
It is necessary to discover how exceptionally rare you are. You might be having a talent that most don’t have. Talents don’t usually mean being able to sing and dance well. Certain qualities can also be talents. Nurture these.

 So, appreciate the uniqueness in you, and if you haven’t seen the movie yet, please go ahead and watch for yourself how Hiccup trains 2 dragons (the real one and the dragon of fear) and goes on to be the change maker in his tribe. Well, the change certainly is astonishing!!!! Not to mention how adorable a pet like Toothless can be.